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15 July 2009 @ 10:03 pm
Ep. 104 recap.  
Hey... for those of want to know some of the dialogue that took place in tonight's ep, here it goes.  As usual, typed as I was watching. Everything you need to know is behind the cut.

Ep. 104, Todos los planes de Lucas Fernandez

- Ep begins where the last one left off, with everyone cheering for the brides.

- Opening monologue by I believe, Lucas, where he says: "John Lennon said that life is what happens while you try to make other plans, and he was correct. You plan your wedding, the house where you will live, the school you children will attend, you even plan the fucking colour of the couch. But the plans are nothing more than drawings on a napkin, and no matter how hard you try, in the end, your plans are worth shit to the rest of the world. You can put everything in you in them, your head, your heart, or a stack of napkins filled with dreams, and in the end, life has other plans for you."

- As he finishes that, we see the baddies closing in on our guys. One of them tells El Gordo they're in position right after we see our girls through the scope of his gun. Cue in opening title.

- Back at the gathering, Silvia throws her bouquet which Rita catches. Pepa throws hers, which Paco catches. Paco makes a weird face, Pepa finds it amusing, Mariano gets jealous.

- We get a heart attack inducing moment, they flash one of the bad guys, we hear what sound like explosions, which turn out to be fire crackers. They all smile and laugh, some shouting "long live the brides."

- Rita wants the girls to give a speech, Pepa counters that it should be DL to speak since he was the first one to see them together.

- Everyone encourages DL to speak. Paco looks at his watch, and wonders aloud to Mariano why Lucas isn't there yet, since his flight arrived at Barajas two hours ago. Mariano replies he doesn't know, looking all pissed off, and adds that he should ask Salgado.

- Cue in DL speaking: "I was the first one to see them. I caught them under a table, kissing in Sara's first communion, and that should give me the authority to say, 'long live the brides'"

- Everyone agrees. DL asks Paco forward so he can say something. He shakes his head repeatedly, DL tells him it's an order, and he starts to move towards DL.

- Kike comments to Nelso that Curtis needs to hurry up, otherwise he'll miss the dance. Nelson says they should take a pic, and send it Curtis, so he knows what he's missing so far. Kike agrees.

- Paco begins his speech: "well, since you all know me, you should know that I'm not very big on speeches. I normally just do the briefings, and give orders. Kind of, so I  order you to love each other (looking towards our girls)" Pepa nods, while Kike snaps a pic with is cell phone. Paco continues, "I also order you to enjoy this day. But above all, I order you to take advantage of every minute, every second you are together. And that's it. I'm not cut out for this.

- I guess at this point, Kike notices something is odd because as Paco says the part about taking advantage of each second, Kike looks like something odd is going on, otherwise I can't figure out Then as Paco starts to walk back to the group, we see the Superbrats have very surprised, shocked look. Camera switches to Lucas.

- Lucas: "Redhead, each time you get better at choosing a partner. Congratulations."

- Silvia says Lucas's name as we are shown the shocked looks of those directly involved with this drama, and the angry one from DL.

- Pepa asks Lucas what he's doing there as he greets her with the standard two kisses on the cheeks.

- Silvia: "No one told me you were coming. If someone had told me I would postpone the wedding."

- To which Lucass replies, "no, no. Today is your day." He turns smiling, looking to/for Sara. We see the perplexed looks of the others, as they wait to see what develops. Slowly Sara steps away from Aitor, and looks to Lucas, still with the 'deer caught in headlights' feel.

- She smiles, they walk closer to each other, she grabs Lucas and kisses him. He kisses back. Those who are privy of the situation don't know how to react, or what to do, or what will happen. Cue in dramatic music for the encounter... (so much for it being our girls' moment.)

- Lucas says something to Sara that I didn't get. Something about the next 30 years, and that he has something to tell her. To which Sara replies that she also has to tell him something. I guess Lucas isn't stupid because right after that he looks towards Aitor, then back to Sara, then to my guess is towards Paco and Mariano, and tells Sara that there is time for that later.

- Cuts in Pepa all excited about her new "toy" and Silvia telling Lucas she loves the bracelet he picked for her. To cut some of the tension, Silvia asks all the guests if they're hungry because the banquet is all ready to be served. They slowly start to walk into the banquet hall. Bad guys are closing in, and radio in their positions, while they ask for instructions.

- I guess the new second in command mafioso gets up and walks inside the trailer where El Gordo is waiting.

- Back in the wedding, they all walk in to the dining room area where the table is set, and Pepa tells everyone that it's time for everything to begin. As everyone walks in and comment on what Nelso and Kike did with the place, Aitor and Pepa share a look, Sara still looks shocked.

- Bad guy tells El Gordo everyone is entereing the house, and their men are waiting for orders. El Gordo nods and pushes dude away to continue watching his futball game on tv. Pulls out his cell phone to check and finds out that for some reason there is still a signal for his cell phone, so if he has coverage, the others will as well. He deduces there is another cell tower in the area that is still working. He tells the other dude he wants them isolated.

- Paco, Mariano and Lucas are still outside. Lucas asks them what's going on. They don't know what to say, and Lucas continues asking them why they didn't pick up their cell phones. Paco and Mariano look on, smiling all guilty. Lucas then asks them how is their "old rowing team" and reachs over to hug them both. The way they used before he left.

- Mariano answers everything is fine, rowing (moving along), as always. Paco replies that maybe a tad slower, because they're missing two arms, but rowing (moving along). They all head in with the rest.

-  Back inside the house, everyone is sitting down. As Paco, Mariano and Lucas walks in, Superbrat one (Aitor) sits down on the only empty seat beside Sara because Paco took the other one, which is by Pepa's side. Everyone is looking around. And Paco gets up and makes an excuse about sitting on the first empty spot he saw. That Lucas' place should be right beside Sara. Paco then says he'll sit beside DL and Salgado. Marino asks everyone to move a spot down to give Paco a spot. They do. Mariano makes a remark that those 3 are sitting together and they should tell the servers to switch the steak knives for fish ones (my guess they're like butter knives). Paco tells him to cut it out. They all settle in. Everyone is tense.

- Back in the precinct Curtis tells everyone someone from the courthouse will arrive shortly to take the statement from Francesca and he wants no surprises. Not even God, I repeat, not even God  can come in without us first verifying his identity, without us first frisking and searching for anything unusual. (he says something else I didn't quite catch. That man uses way too much slang). He then asks if everyone understands. They all say yes.

- Curtis receives a pic from Kike and Blackman tells Curtis that is was a mistake to bring Francesca back to the precinct. Curtis then snaps back, a mistake is messing with the CNI, a mistake is kidnapping a protected witness and taking her to a cemetery. A mistake is having two corpses in the autopsy room that I will have to answer to. That's a mistake.

- As he telling Blackman all that, Francesca's phone beeps, as blackmans tells Curtis that the Nazis to break down their prisoners in the concentration camps, they would lock them up in the same room with the women that had just lost their kids, husbands. ANd if they became too tired from screaming and crying, they'd replaced them with new women who suffered the same fate. A week later, the prisoner was fragile and vulnerable, as a newborn. Curtis replies sarcastically that's a nice story, and then asks "and?"

- Blackman turns to Curtis ears, and replies that the Mafia (La Camorra italiana) hasn't reached the positon they're in because they have more weapons, or money, or better men than the police. They're where they are because the dish out fear like no one else. The judge that's coming has family, a husband, children. Give me 3 minutes with her to see if they can trust her. Curtis cuts in that he's talking about the judge that has over 20 years fighting against the mafia and starts to loose it. Then he pulls himself together and thanks Blackman for saving him and the witness, but tells him that from that moment on, they do things properly, according to protocol. He thanks him once again, but that he'll take over things now, and walks away. Blackman tells Curtis he's leaving then.

- Blackman walks over to Francesca, she thanks him. Blackman tells her that being afraid isn't a bad thing. The bad thing is to let that fear take control over your life, because then you no longer have a life, only fear. He gets up and walks away.

- Bad guys are now closing in the house even more and communicate that they're in position. The other dude tells them to wait for orders.

- Back in the house, most people are all awkward, and Mariano makes a comment about the fried shrimps, Paco asks Mariano to give him one. Salgado picks up a shrimp and passes it to Paco. Pepa is looking at everyone, specially towards the Superbrats and Lucas, and breaks the silence by asking Lucas to tell them about Carolina (not sure if he was in North or South Carolina, they never said in the show, that I can recall).

- He replies that things aren't that different. That undercover operations, and other things to fight drugs is actually subsidized by the government. Everyone starts cracking jokes about that, and then he is asked about the food there. Lucas replies that it's fine, he likes the food, he continues to talk about food.

- Paco then tells Mariano that if things get complicated, he grabs Lucas, and Mariano should grab Aitor even if it comes to blows. Mariano then replies sarcastically that of course, Paco can take Lucas, and he can take on the superbrat. They talk about the fight that might/will occur.

- Lucas offers Aitor some wine, superbrat declines and says that instead he's going to the bar for a beer instead. That he can continue his tales, that he will find out what he missed when the movie comes out. (OMFG what a fucking brat!!! it's Silvia's and Pepa's wedding, and he is making everything about himself). Everyone is of course shocked at that. Lucas then tells everyone that he's also switching to a beer and gets up. Everyone knows shit is hitting the fan. Sara gets up, and pulls what looks like a cigarette, while staring at Lucas, looking all scared (dishonest little brat).

- Lucas enters the area where Aitor is, serving himself a beer and asks for one.

- Mariano comments to Paco that those two are now alone. They're now going to kill each other.

- Aitor hands Lucas a beer, they're just staring at each other. Trying to each be the alpha male. Cut in to Sara stepping outside for a smoke while the bad guys are now all aiming their guns at her.

- Back inside the house, everyone is tense. Pove tries to cut some of the tension by asking Silvia if what he has is a prawn, or a shrip. Paco replies it's a prawn.

- In the kitchen/bar area, Lucas tells Aitor that he knows things are not all that well, but he wants to thank him for taking care of Sara all this time. Aitor replies he doesn't have to thank him for anything, that he told Lucas to leave without worry because he was going to take care of her, and he would make sure she didn't need anything. Lucas nods and listens on. Lucas puts the beer down and they continue on. (Either Lucas is an idiot because, or he's just playing with the superbrat now).

- Cue in a bad guy climbing down a tower. I guess they cut the cables to the remaining one. The other dude tells El Gordo they have neutralized the last tower. He takes the phone to confirm it's true. He then gives the order for killing to begin.

- Back in the house, Mariano mentions they're both taking too long with that beer, and they could have easily asked the servers for them.

- Lucas takes a step closer to Superbrat, he takes a step back. Sara is walking down the steps outside while taking her smoking break. Back in the kitchen/bar area Lucas pulls Aitor in for a hug.

- They're all getting restless because those two are taking forever. Silvia gets up, and they show the bad guy looking through a scope at Sara. We hear a loud bang. Everyone wonders about that, Sara is still alive. THey're all looking around. Cuts in a close up of Silvia getting shot. DL and Pepa both shout Silvia's name.

- Lucas shouts for everyone to take cover and go to the floor. They all duck, and bullets fly all over. No clue what's going on with Silvia though. Lucas has a gun and runs out for Sara. Aitor follows.

- Pepa grabs the gun Lucas gave her. Lucas tells Aitor that Sara is out of danger because they're at an angle where they can't reach her. Pepa gets her gun ready, and Paco realizes that Sara is outside. He crawls to get to her. Salgado tries to stop him.

- Pepa positions herself by a window, and just as the bad guys start to run up the stairs and about to shoot Sara, Pepa kills them. Aitor tells Paco Sara is ok.

- Lucas also shoots at least one of the bad guys. Aitor tells Lucas there is no coverage for their cell phones. LUcas then realizes and tells Aitor that they probably made sure to neutralize the area that way. He tells Aitor to get inside, he shakes his head no.

- Lucas manages to kill more of the bad guys. El gordo is watching his futball match as the other dude tells him it will take longer because some of the guests are actually armed. He asks what to do next. He comments about them showing up with guns at a wedding, rants about this and that, and tells the other dude to take care of everything.

- He tells the others to stop, he's going over.

- Back at the house they're wondering who is shooting at them. Paco asks them if they're ok, Kike tells him/them the waiter is dead.

- DL asks Rita for hel with Silvia. She tells Rita to check on the aiter and the others. Pepa jumps over, hands the gun to Montoya and tells him how many bullets are left. Pepa and DL take Silvia out the dining room area.

- Paco checks on Salgado, while the others take Silvia, Rita with the other waiter through what looks like a wine cellar.

- Salgado tells Paco it's the mafia.

- DL tells Pepa to grab a sheet and tells her where to put it. He keeps pressure on Silvia's wound.

- Kike tells the others that there is no coverage of any kind. Not even for their emergency number.

- Silvia tells Rita to take the waiter's shirt off as DL slowly with Pepa's help lie Silvia down.

- Back with the others we find out that Montoya was shot in the leg.

- Silvia continues to give directions to Rita, saying that she can see the entry wound, and asks her to check to see if she can find the exit wound. She finds one and tells Silvia it's around the shoulder blade.

- Silvia then says it's a clean shot, and gives intructions on how to treat the waiter.

- Silvia then asks DL for something she can use to cut things, a pair of scissors. Pepa gets up to look for it. Silvia now tells DL that now they're going to treat the patient that's hurt bad. DL takes a guess that it's Silvia. Pepa hears and looks like her world is ending with that.

- Pepa finds scissors and hands them over, and Silvia asks DL to help her cut off her dress. Which he does.

- Outside, Sara tries to grab a gun from the dead mafioso, they see her and start shooting again.

- Lucas tells Aitor he has a satellite phone in the car and he's going for it. Aitor tells him that if he goes for it, in less than 10 metres they'll blow his head off.

- They plan to go together for the phone, to improve their odds.

- Back inside, Paco tells them they have to prevent them from coming in, and block the windows, or they'll die like rats. THey grab the tables.

- Back with the girls, as DL uncovers the wound, Silvia groans in pain, and she asks Pepa for a mirror. Rita reaches over and grabs one, gives to Pepa, who hands it to DL, he places the mirror in a way that Silvia can see her wound.

- She tells them that the bullet is in the area of the abdomen, she's not sure if it has hit her stomach, and tells them she has to see if there is damage to the peritoneo (sorry not sure what the word is in english). She asks rita for a list of stuff she'll need for that. A first aid kit, boiling water, lemon juice, razor blades, and rum. DL asks Silvia what she's planning, and she answers that DL will have to operate on her.

- Back with the others, they are all blocking the windows with the tables. Rita walks in to look for the stuff Silvia asked for. Salgado tells them they're surrounded, by at least 30 men, and that judging by the way the bullets are flying, they're using all assault rifles and similar guns.

- Aitor calls for Paco's attention. They look ouside, and Lucas starts to give hand signals. Mariano has no clue and says Lucas is twiching, but Paco tells him Lucas wants them to cover him. He asks Mariano what kind of guns they have, and what kind of ammo. Mariano tells him their guns, and Pepa's machine gun. Rita grabs what's needed and starts to head back to the girls.

- Montoya tells Paco he has 26 bullets left. Nelso finds an antique rifle on the wall, and tells them the rifle doesn't seem obstructed. Pove argues that it's decoration. Nelso tells them it's that or nothing. That uses gun powder and they should be able to load it with the gun powder from the firecrackers they have left. They still argue.

- Rita hands the stuff to DL while she stays in the room.

- Pepa give Silvia some rum, while DL goes through the contents of the first aid kit.

- Silvia tells DL to take the razor out and then tells him they'll have to make some sort of home made local anesthetic, otherwise she won't be able to walk him through the operation.

- She tells DL to mix two of the throat medication in the first aid kit with lemon juice, with other drugs there. That he will have to inject that around her wound, which he does.

- They manage to get stuff into the antique gun. Outside Sara manages to open a car door and tries to use the radio in the car. she gets no reply.

- DL starts to inject the stuff around Silvia's wound. She tells DL where the bullet is lodged, how it damaged her liver and how it knicked her the lower aorta. She tells him he has to extract the bullet or he'll have eat the cake from the civil ceremony again. (I did a literal translation here, not sure 100% what she meant there). DL tells her he'll do everything possible, and asks for directions.

- She tells him he needs to make an horizontal incision about 5 cm. long, just under the wound. DL starts to shake, Silvia lets go of Pepa's hand and starts to tell DL to calm down, that he'll do great. THat he is the best when it comes to carving a turkey. He tells her that this time they'll do it together though. She tells him he'll have to do it alone because she's about to faint, which she does. DL tries to get Silvia to wake up, she shouts for Pepa, she's in shock.

- Paco tells everyone all hell will break loose. When they start to run, Mariano and him will start to shoot with their guns, he tells Montoya to pass the machine gun around so that they'll think they're firing from everywhere.

- Outside, they start to fire and Lucas and Aitor start to run. They're keeping count of the bullets left. Pove fires the antique gun, the kickback throws him into a table. Paco asks Pove if he's ok, he nods, then Paco tell Kike and Nelso to reload the antique. The machine gun is tossed over to Salgado, she fires, and tells everyone to stop because Lucas and Aitor are safe now.

- Sara calls out to Lucas and AItor, they tell her not to move. She stays down.

- Mariano looks out. He and Paco start to argue and about Salgado.

- Rita runs to Pove, and tries to move him. He tells her that the kickback threw him to the table, and he hurt his back, and his legs feel like putty, but it's a temporary paralysis. He asks Nelson to reload the antique gun that he'll be ready to fire it as soon as that's done.

- Kike tells him they need smaller projectiles because the teaspoons are too big. Pove pulls out his wedding band he's wearing in a necklace, and asks Kike if that will fit. Rita then hands Kike all her jewelry.

- Pove asks about Montoya's wound. Rita tells him it's nothing. He tells Rita about what he has been thinking about what he'd feel if he saw her with another man. If it's be jealousy, or anger, but he's actually happy for her, to see her happy, and so beautiful.

- Rita then tells Pove she's going for alcohol to help Montoya.

- Back in the precinct, the judge congratulates Curtis about their accomplishments in regards to their role in putting a bit dent in the Mafia. Curtis tells her the witness is in the room, watched by his men, and waiting for her to take the statement. To which the judge tells Curtis that Francesca declaration is a vital one to finish El Gordo. THat they have intelligence telling them that El Gorde left Naples, and that with him out of Italy, any protection is not enough. Curtis tells her he undertand, but as she can see, the precinct is almost impenetrable. The elevator opens, and Blackman grabs the judge. They all run down to catch the elevator. Blackman stops in in between floors.

- The judge pulls out a thing of mace I guess, and sprays it in his face as Blackman tells her to calm down. Curtis is on the floor below and realizes the elevator is in between floors and asks for something to force the doors open.

- in the elevator Blackman tells the judge to calm down, that they're on the same side, the judge bangs on the door, and tells Blackman that there are more than 30 people outside, and if he tries something, he won't survive what they'll do to him.

- Back in the massacre, Aitor takes cheap shots at Lucas saying that with all his training, he was actually pretty slow. They start to argue, he finally tells Lucas about the affair with Sara. stupid brat.

- in the precinct the judge and Blackman talk about the mafia, and fear.

- Sara grabs a botte and finds a hose she uses to syphoon gas out of the tank,

- in the elevator they continue to talk about fear and how some give in to it. The judge tells Blackman that 9 years ago she gave birth to her second son, and inside the room, she was with her husband, the doctor, and her two bodyguards. She tells Blackman that if he's trying to show her what it's like to live under a constant threat, she already knows.

- Sara fills the bottle with gas, and rips her dress to make a fire bomb.

- Curtis and the cops realize the elevator is moving and chase up after it, with guns drawn. The doors open, and the judge is by herself. She tells them she's ok, and blackman is gone.

- Back in the house, Salgado reaches her hand to Paco, he takes it. Mariano looks hurt, shots are fired again. Mariano walks over to Paco and tells him he's heading out. He has a feeling he can negotiate with them. Paco tells him he's nuts. It's the mafia, and the mafia wants them all dead. That the mafia doesn't want to negotiate, and to shove his 'feeling' where the sun doesn't shine.

- Mariano tells Paco there is no other way. THat he's heading out to negotiate. Paco counters that they have nothing to negotiate with. Paco asks for Salgado to help reason with Mariano.

- Salgado tells Mariano that you can't negotiate with the Mafia, that 2 year ago they killed a whole family, 32 people during a christening, that not even the 4 month old baby survived.

- Mariano pulls Paco aside, and starts to argue again. About his feelings and how Paco just shoved Salgado in front of him. Paco says he did no such thing. Mariano tells Paco they're like the Beattles, like John Lennon and Paul McCartney, then comes Yoko Ono and split them. That Salgado is their Ono because she turns Paco agains Mariano's ideas. Mariano then asks Paco if he has a better idea, that Silvia is in the cellar bleeding to death, while Sara is outside caught in the barrage of bullets, Lucas and Aitor will be shot if they don't kill each other first. Flashes of everyone. Mariano continues saying that they can't just wait for the mafia to run out of bullets. Paco replies that if he goes out, he'll be the one to shoot Mariano. Mariano then tells Paco to go ahead, that way he'll have no one in between him and Salgado. Mariano turns around and walks away.

- DL tries to wake Silvia. He tries to get Pepa to help him, but Pepa is in shock. DL asks Pepa what's going on, and she replies: "I can't. I just can't see her like that. I have been running away from everything that hurt me since I was 15, it was so easy. I simply took my car, and went to a different city. But not this time. I can't just take off running. What I love more than anyone in this world, is lying there bleeding to death, and I am afraid. I can't just get up and go near her without falling. I can't."

- DL: "I am also scared. (sorry, he says somethings I can't quite understand, but he continues) but you're her girl, and I am her father. We're going to get our redhead to tell us what we need to do to get that fucking bullet out of her body."

- They hug and Silvia wakes up, and calls for Pepa. They rush to her.

- Montoya sits down, in a lot of pain. We see that he's also been shot in the side, not just the leg. He pulls a piece of drapes and tries to put pressure on his wound as Rita walks over with some alcohol and other first aid stuff. He hides the other wound from her. She starts to work on the leg, and they start to talk. Rita tells him that she would love for them to leave San Antonio and everyone and everything behind and go the beach, a nudist beach. Montoya then tells her that he has the feeling that he has always arrived late to everything. Like missing the train that takes you to the centre of the city. Rita tells him not to worry, that all roads lead to Rome when you have all the time in the world.

- Silvia tells DL he has to hold the razor as if he's holding a (something I don't quite understand) between your hands,  firm, but without strangling it. Pepa now has Silvia's head on her lap.

- Back in the house, Pove is against a couch. Everyone looks bleh.

- DL hesitates but tells them he will do his best even though his hands are all shakin.

- Paco asks Rita about Silvia, her look tells them everything.

- Pepa steps in, and tells DL she'll be the one to do it.

- Paco gets up and tells the others: "What's going on? Why do you all have those faces? I don't want to see sad faces, it's my sister's and my sister in law's wedding so I don't want to see anyone sad. Is that clear?"

- Outside Lucas and Aitor continue to argue about Sara and what she wants. Blah, blah, blah...
he tells Lucas he's not sorry he's in love with Sara, and that he'll stay there the whole day if it waiting for Sara to choose between them. My God, I want to smack him.

- DL and Pepa switch places, Pepa makes the incision.

- Aitor and Lucas start to fight, more bullets ar fired.

- Paco is trying to get back to the spirit of the wedding, and starts a chant for our girls to kiss. They hear them.

- Pepa tells Silvia she thinks that was meant for them. They kiss.

- Pepa makes the incision.

- Mariano grabs something, puts his gun down, and heads out waving a white flag and starts to talk about wanting to negotiate. The others are still fighting. Paco follows and is pulled back by Salgado. Everyone tries to stop him, and tells him to head back. They shoot but miss, they're laughing at him. Lucas gets up, and starts running. They all aim and fire at Lucas, he is shot in the leg. Aitor follows, Sara lights the bottle and throws it at the bad guys. Aitor hands Sara a machine gun, she fires, giving them cover, and Aitor pulls Lucas to his car.

- in the precinct, the judge starts to take the declaration. Curtis tries to call, but gets the message that the cell phone he's trying to reach is probaby off or out of coverage. He tells one of the officers he's heading to the wedding.

- Curtis runs to the parking garage gets in his car, turns on his siren, and nearly runs over Blackman. Curtis pulls a gun to Blackman.

- Mariano tells them he wants to negotiate, that there is an injured woman in the house, and he wants to negotiate with them for a way to get her out.

- The dude tells El Gordo that one of them is out of the house, is waiving a white flag, and wants to negotiate. They all laugh. El Gordo tells the dude to kill him. One of them is about to shoot, dude stops him, and gets Mariano's attention.

- Mariano then shouts that they also have dead people among them, and if they want, they can continue to kill each other until they're dead, but he believes that they can find a way out for everyone. Dude asks Mariano if he's armed. He shakes his head no, tells dude he wants to speak to El Gordo.

- Dude tells Mariano to strip.

- Aitor ties his tie around Lucas' leg attempting to stop or slow the bleeding.

- As that happens, Lucas starts to talk about Sara and what she does in her daily life. Eventually Lucas tells Aitor that he actually understand him. That he would have done anything for Sara. Aitor then replies that he thinks that they both need her. That when you're her, you know you'll never feel alone again. that you're a better person with her.

- shooting resumes after that moment, Lucas tells Aitor where the phone is, Aitor runs and hands it to LUcas.

- Mariano is in his underwear, blindfolded, he asks if he is being taken to El gordo. Dude humours him, and tells him he has to pass a test first. He has to run throught he woods as fast as he can. Mariano tells dude he doesn't understand. Dude pulls a gun, and tells Mariano if he stops he'll be shot. If he takes the blindfold off he'll be shot, if he doubts that, he'll be shot.

- Mariano starts to run.

- in the parking garage, Curtis loses it with Blackman, and demands for Blackman to drop onto his knees. Blackmans tells Curtis to lower the gun. Curtis asks him if he'll take the gun and shoot him? blackmans shakes his head and tells him no. He tells Curtis he never wanted to be a cop because he found out that the bad guys always win. That the bad guys don't tell you to freeze or stop before they shoot you. That the bad guys don't need a warrant to enter your house, nor will they let you make a last phone call. That being a cop is like being a dog with a very short leash.

- flashes of a cop walking in the room where the judge is with Francesca with water. Francesca pulls a gun and aims it to the cop.

- Blackman then tells Curtis he has never been chained.

- Back int he precinct, Francesca asks for forgiveness as she shoots the judge and crumbles down in tears.

- Curtis tells Blackman he's fed up with the it all and hears on the police scanner that there is a 10-34 inside the San Antonio precinct. Blackman tells Curtis that Francesca just shot the judge.

- they show the judge on the floor, the cop ther opens her shirt to reveal a bulletproof vest underneath. flashes of the elevator scene with the judge.

- He continues that they all gave Francesca protection and such, but the mafia always has a better offer. Flashes of Francesca with her cell phone, with a picture of her kids, as he goes on to say that we're all scared of the dark, of loneliness, scared of pain, scared of loss, but we can live with that fear. THe mafia deals with a pain that you cannot survive. That Francesca pulled the trigger because El Gordo has her children. Flashes of Francesca being led away in cuffs as the cop asks the judge if she's ok. Francesca sees it, and gets hysterical.

- Curtis tells Blackman that her kids are in a apartment, protected. And El Gordo... Curtis realizes that he was told El Gordo is in Spain. Blackman confirms it, and tells Curtis that Francesca wasn't the only he was after. THat he came for revenge.

- Montoya runs of bullets, and back in the garage, Blackmans asks Curtis when was the last time he had contact of of any kind with his friends. Curtis pulls out his cell phone. Back in the house, Paco is also out of ammo. Curtis gets the same message that the number he is trying to reach is outside of the coverage area. He's in tears. We see Paco grabbing Mariano's gun, and checking the clip. Blackman tells Curtis to hurry and get to his friends. Paco tells them the clip is empty as well.

- Kike sees a dead mafioso with his gun by his side, and suggests to Paco he can run out and grab it, that it's only 5 metres away. Paco looks out the window. Montoya tells Kike that in those 5 metres there's enough time for the bad guys to shoot 25 bullets in him. Nelso runs and grabs a shield from the wall and tells Paco he can use it to grab the gun. Paco tells Nelson no, no one leaves the house period because they have lost Mariano already.

- We see Mariano running blindefolded, with his arms stretched out. The bad guys start to talk about when to shoot him.

- Montoya disagrees with Paco, and tells him that Nelson's idea might actually work. The shield is made of iron and they need to machine gun.

- Bad guys make bets, when he's about to shoot Mariano, he runs over a rock and falls.

- In the house they talk about their options, the type of bullets being used, how far the bad guys are from them. Nelson tells Paco that if they find out they're out of ammo, they'll burst in and kill them all. THat maybe his idea isn't the best, but if it works, at least they'll have a chance to survive.

- Kike jumps in, saying that if Nelso goes, he'll go with him. Kike asks Paco to let them try their plan.

- Mariano fell just as they fired, so the mafia think that he's dead and leave. Mariano takes the blindfold off and sees the two mafia men walking away. The fall caused him to sprain his ankle, and he finds a horse, he manages to get on it, and off they go.

- Kike tells the others that Nelson and him will go out like a Galapagos tortoise, but of course they'll go a lot faster than the tortoises. Nelson tells them not to worry, that before they know it, they'll be back with the gun. Paco asks them if they're sure. They tell him yes.

- Mariano falls off the horse, and finds a scarecrow, he puts on the clothing. Mariano waves Curtis off as he arrives, and tells Curtis what's going on.

- Lucas is still trying to get someone on his satellite phone, but can't get an answer. Aitor grabs another machine gun in Lucas' car and puts it together. THey managed to get in touch with Sara on the radio from the other car. They ask her how she's doing, she tells them she's ok. Aitor then assures Sara that everything will be ok.

- She's on the radio telling them that she has spent many days thinking about what would happen if that moment arrived, of having them both in front of her. SHe tells Lucas he's the love of her life. He's the one that has filled her days (flashes of their times together) the man she has always imagined her life with. That she never could imagine loving anyone that wasn't him. Then suddenly Aitor appears, and shows her that happiness could be found in really small moments, and as intense as the life of a Vietnam butterfly (flashes of their moments together), and that there is another way to love.

- The speech gets interrupted by gunfire, she continues by telling them that now she knows she loves them both. THat she has to choose one path because one can't go to two places at once. They get interrupted by more gunfire.

- We see Kike and Nelson heading with the shields, so far it's working. Everyone is looking on, shocked. They reach the gun, nelso grabs it, and they head back. Nelso gets shot, followed by Kike. The gun is now by the door.

- Lucas and Aitor make a decision to charge, Sara joins in with her gun. Paco and Rita fun out to grab the bodies of Nelso and Kike. The others manage to kill the mafia guys as Paco, Rita and Salgado drag the other two in.

- Paco is in tears as Aitor continues to kill the bad guys. We see the bloody mess left behind, with the gun still outside.

- Nelson is dead, Kike is dying.

- Pepa tells Silvia she can't see anything. Silvia tells her about the trajectory, and Pepa needs to go deeper, that she's really close. Silvia is really close to losing consciousness again, and DL asks Silvia to tell him about the honeymoon.

- Silvia: "First we'll head to Santiago de Chile, then we'll take a ship and head to a small island called 'Isla Santa Clara' in the middle of the Pacific, where there are only sea lions and sunsets (looking at Pepa) and there we're going to be alone, Pepa and I, right Pepa?" Pepa answers "of course"

- Kike is dying in Paco's arms. Rita walks over to Montoya and they hug.

- Pepa continues to dig for the bullet and sees it. She is about to grab it, and Silvia panics and tells Pepa not to grab it. Pepa is confused now and asks why, she can see it. Silvia starts to cry, "thank you very much. You have done very well." They know something bad is happening. They all cry with her.

- Silvia: "Hug me," as DL asks Silvia what to do. They lift her and she continues, "do you remember when I was five, and you sang to Lola and I that Juan Gabriel's song? Pepa, my father always got mad at us because we never wanted to go to bed. The he would come in, and he would sing that song to us, and I couln't go to sleep if I didn't hear that song, and if he didn't give me a kiss. How was it?"

- DL starts to sing. They all sing. All join in the song. Kike dies in Paco's arms. Montoya slumps over and dies. Rita discovers the other wound to Montoya's side.

- Rita breaks down as she holds on to Montoya.

- Pepa and DL continue to sing to Silvia, and she dies. She hugs Silvia to her and screams no. (all I have to say to that is what the bloody fucking hell where they thinking.)

- Sara sings the last notes of the song as we hear a siren in the background. Curtis arrives with Mariano and re-enforments and an ambulance. El Gordo escapes as they capture the bad guys.

- Sara walks to Aitor and Lucas and looks like she chooses LUcas. Aitor looks like a shit, and cries. He starts to walk away, and Sara calls him back. They hug, she cries. He turns around and walks away.

- Paco walks out in tears. Lucas hugs Sara, Aitor walks past Paco into the house. Lucas starts to lead Sara away, and waves goodbye to Paco.

- Mariano walks back and Paco hugs him.

- We hear someone recounting Paco's official account of that day as he's sitting on a chair, and we get confirmation that Silvia, Montoya, Kike and Nelso died as a result of the mafia attack. He then asks if he has anything else to add. Paco says hes.

- He starts, talking, then we see Nelso, Kike, and the others continue with the speech:

- "Yes, I want to add something to that. I would like, I would you like you to know that it was worth it. That death found us surrounded by our friends and the people who love us. And that if I could choose and ending, it would be something similar to this one. Because now I know that to continue living isn't just flipping the pages of a calendar, but to understand that each one of the pages of that calendar is unique, something that cannot be repeated. That's all."

- Paco gets up and we fade in to flashes of the moments involving those who died.

I absolutely fucking hate this ending. But I guess if Marian is leaving while Laura stays for the next season they had to come up with a way to have them still get married. I will say this though. Marian's acting was superb, but Laura also gave one hell of a performance.

I don't know if I will watch the show next season because without Silvia it's a tough call. I might watch the first couple of eps to see how they handle Pepa's feelings but I doubt I will follow it with the same passion I did. I know it's a show, and the characters are fictitious, but still, it sucks that the writers chose such a tired, and contrite way for their departure.

This was without a doubt the hardest recap I had to type since I started doing them.
I am speechless with it all.

thrace_thrace_ on July 16th, 2009 02:14 am (UTC)
They sure as hell better start next season with Silvia getting shocked back to life with paddles. Arrgh. My feelings about the finale are almost too intense for rational discussion.
If I were a bandwagon you'd be on it.takethisstep on July 16th, 2009 03:03 am (UTC)
Or in hiding post attempted Mafia hit. That's my personal hope, anyway.
bigmarianfanbigmarianfan on July 16th, 2009 02:22 am (UTC)
what a horrible ending...i am devastated and speechless like you...I will not be watching this show ever again..
sportysmurf: silviasportysmurf on July 16th, 2009 02:26 am (UTC)
Miss my pretties and geez what a way to end it? Why the heck can't lesbians ever have a happy ending?
Misty: LHDP Silvia Scientistrandom_flores on July 16th, 2009 02:26 am (UTC)
I know this isn't a popular opinion (are mine ever? :-) ) but honestly, as devastating as the finale was, I really don't see it was the big 'f-u'. the scenes were FANTASTICALLY done. Marian and Laura have NEVER been better, and I was openly sobbing (at work! embarrassing!) during the scene when everyone began to sing 'Probablemente ya'.

This ending was meant to be tragic, and it wasn't just the lesbians. Rita and Montoya FINALLY got it together, and HE died. Povedilla more than likely became paralyzed. Aitor got his heart trampled a SECOND time when Sara went back to Lucas (and Lucas, why the hell did you take her back?!).

It was meant to be hell and it was, but it was also really really well done.

If in fact Marian wanted to leave, then I don't see why the show should be blamed for killing the character off. what was a better option? To do what they did to Lucas and Sara and completely destroy the characters?

I don't know. I'm a LDHP apologist for sure, but I'll never hate the show and I'll never stop watching. Marian and Laura were GOLD until the very end, and as long as Pepa is on the show, I'll keep watching. Because really, nothing on TV has touched me as much as that scene did in a long long time.

RIP Silvia Castro, you are the heart of this show.
Casandrajeepy91 on July 16th, 2009 02:47 am (UTC)
I actually don't disagree much with that. If Marian was leaving, I would rather they kill Silvia instead of effectively breaking them up, much like Paco and Lola got torn apart because the actress wanted off. Pepa and Silvia are too entwined to make that believable at all, so this to me, was really the only way to go.

But it ripped my heart out. I can't remember the last time I cried watching a show. But I was BAWLING my eyes out as Pepa screamed for Silvia. It was SO.DAMN.TRAGIC. And the music just made it more so.

What a bloodbath though. I'm quite curious to see how they rebuild a show that was so devastated by the loss of four of its principle characters, two of which were romantic leads. I see Pepa bonding with DL, I think that ground work was being set up the last few episodes. Maybe Marian will come back for an ep or two to give some closure, because I'm sure the fandom is ready to take TPTB heads off.
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onemorefan on July 16th, 2009 02:43 am (UTC)
I'm out of town and I can not watch the ep. So, today I can not help with anything, the connection is too crappy. Fortunately. I just do not want to see this episode. I'm actually not seeing it when I get home. I'll actually think that it never happened and I'm out of the show next season.. Sorry guys to sound bitter but I guess that I've gotten too much invested in this show and this is just a crap ending. Too upset to comment further.

engpnutengpnut on July 16th, 2009 04:15 am (UTC)
Once I saw someone's response on Sivlia's demise on the Afterellen boards, I immediately went to part 6 to end my misery and said, sod the rest, since I was currently waiting for part 3 to load. God, I had trouble watching it though and couldn't believe my tears.

I would like to know though if dying is the way MA wanted to go...
(no subject) - onemorefan on July 16th, 2009 02:00 pm (UTC) (Expand)
xejanfan on July 16th, 2009 02:48 am (UTC)
i totally agree with you. i live in california and don't speak spanish, but even so, i have never cried so hard or gotten so mad watching a tv show or movie. marian and laura gave amazing performances, absolutely heart-wrenching; i didn't need to know the language spoken, their pain and anguish was obvious. hearing the sirens moments after silvia died sparked a rage in me so fierce, i was screaming "fuck you! you're too late! fucking curtis!" to my computer screen.

like you, i don't think i'll watch past the first episode next season. without silvia and half of the main cast, what's the point? i am so sad and angry and disappointed at what the writers have done. i'm done with them.

r.i.p. silvia, kiike, nelson, and montoya :(
mls25mls25 on July 16th, 2009 02:49 am (UTC)
I have to say ithat LS and MA knocked the crap out of the scenes they were given. They were just awesome and played off each other like they always do.

As for how the season ended , well we still don't have official word that MA did indeed leave the show so I'm still holding out hope (no matter how dumb that might be) that Silvia just passed out again or all of this was just a bad dream.

ishfeeny on July 16th, 2009 03:05 am (UTC)
...I really want to try and remain hopeful in the sense that, granted, they haven't always made the best decisions, but I would like to assume that the writers/producers would be smart enough to realize that there would be a HUGE falling out with the fanbase and a rather large backlash in general from having such a positive lesbian storyline, only to have it end with a cliched death on their supposed 'happiest day of their lives.'

I mean, the outlook looks rather grim, but I would LIKE to think that the producers/writers are smarter than this, and how much their viewership would drop and the negative publicity they'd get afterward.

Cause if they have Silvia die, all their scenes and positive storylines will be wasted in the sense that I'll prob just illegally download the episodes and ignore every single clip/episode/season that follows after.
ponyo08: Grizzponyo08 on July 16th, 2009 03:31 am (UTC)
*tears flooding the keyboard as i type*
Thank you so much for the detailed recap & translations, jt4702.

If MA's done as a regular and LS' staying, tptb should pull a Izzie & Denny (Grey's Anatomy) and have the pelirroja back as a ghost and make sexytime with Pepa, no? :-P

TPTB are SO much more insane than i ever gave them credit for. Those bastards have done the unthinkable and unspeakable. I'm sure the show will be inundated with hate mail in the coming days.
"Even the innocent hold violence in their hearts."raven_bard on July 16th, 2009 04:29 am (UTC)
I don't think I've cried so hard over a TV show since Xena's series finale. I literally just sobbed throughout this entire episode with my fists clenching and unclenching. How can they kill off Silvia?! HOW?! *grits teeth* Every scene between Silvia and Pepa broke my heart. Marian and Laura have outdid every performance of their characters with the scenes from this episode. The look on Pepa's face, the singing towards the end....I was choking on my sobs. What the HELL are the LHDP writers thinking goddamn it?! I feel like a bi-polar patient...I'm so PISSED and heartbroken all at the same time and it's doing my head in.

How are they going to continue the show? They killed off some serious characters here. I mean Montoya?! I really liked him! And I liked that he and Rita finally got together damn it! They're crazy, CRAZY! Can this all be one bad, bad nightmare and next season we see Silvia and Montoya get medical attention in time? Cuz this is ridiculous; Curtis got shot FOUR times...FOUR! What the hell?! I'm gonna go...I'm freakin out...I need to go and calm down.

Oh gods sorry...I forgot to thank you for the recap. You did a spectacular job as per usual. I'm sorry, my mind's just in such a mess.
junebuggy01junebuggy01 on July 16th, 2009 05:03 am (UTC)
Thank you very much for the recap of this ep. seriously! But, now I know that I probably won't watch it because I'm a nerd and cried reading the recap, so... For now, I think I'm done with the show. My fangirl heart is broken *sobbing*.
av8rwinnav8rwinn on July 16th, 2009 05:15 am (UTC)
I'm in tears. If this is the shows end, great end. I have nothing else to say except if I can block this episode out of my mind, I would.
mightbefoundmightbefound on July 16th, 2009 05:27 am (UTC)
Wow. Montoya AND Silvia kick the bucket, while Aitor and Sara survive?

swiftlyreloadedswiftlyreloaded on July 16th, 2009 05:29 am (UTC)
done w/ this show don't care what TPTB do w/ the character Pepa IMO they already FUCKED that up. Liike most of the comments I've read @ all the PepSi threads MA leaving could have been handled differently. The wedding of the year was just a PLOY to kill 4 actors @ once. The character Silvia dieing cuz MA wanted out I'm ok w/ that BUT the way they did it was just gruesome & it left me wincing. Can't even watch previous scenes of them cuz her death STAINED my mind. Of course MA & LS did a fantastic job acting out the scene, DUH DON'T THEY ALWAYS DELIVER!!!
qosmio18qosmio18 on July 16th, 2009 06:46 am (UTC)
My heart is breaking!
Ok so this is probably the icing on my already sh*t cake of a day. My flight back from Jamaica to the states was delayed 5hrs. As soon as I landed, I rushed on my blackberry to read the recap and I'm holding back my tears in the baggage claim. Lol Ok seriously if Marian wanted to leave then ok, I agree with a death. But I don't know if I want to see it because then I'll definitely be balling. I'm going to watch at least the first episode to see how this unfolds. So is Lucas back on the show? I'm numb just by reading the recap. Great recap as usual.
harrhermharrherm on July 16th, 2009 07:44 am (UTC)
This is just depressing.

I refuse to believe it, & I refuse to accept it. This Los Hombres afterall, they can bring her back if they want. Won't be distraught until we get confirmation, Sept? What, denial me? yeah, I know. I will storm the studios if I have to.

Way to ruin my f***ing week.

Why must all my shows cause me pain? I’m in total shock, I just want to cry. What a fantastic couple / character, and just no. No. I am going to feel a massive loss without these two. I can’t ship couples anymore, they just break my heart. Why would they go there?
(Deleted comment)
junebuggy01junebuggy01 on July 16th, 2009 08:45 am (UTC)
A friendly question
How do you know Marian didn't ask to come off? Anyways, I agree with you, they will lose ratings like crazy!!!
kiarcheokiarcheo on July 16th, 2009 08:34 am (UTC)
I made the mistake of watching the episode, hoping that Silvia wouldn't have died...not I wish I didn't, at least I could have ended the pepsi story with an happy marriage, and not with that...that...I have no words...

surely it was one of the best scene I've ever scene...Marian is simply amazing, and Lauren...god, I don't undestand a wordl of spanish, but they managed to touch me more than usual, and it's not simple, seeing their standard.

I know that I'm deluding myself, but a tiny little part of me is still hoping that this is a big sick joke (not funny at all) and that next season will open with Silvia alive....I don't know, it could be a nightmare, a 'what if...' or a miracle, I don't really care...I mean, Curtis and Aitor didn't die, Lola left the show but didn't die...why the hell Silvia must die!!

And how the author think to maintain the comic part of the show, after this bloodbath???

I think I'll watch the first episode of the new season (january?or when?) to see how they are treating my poor pepa and then I'll retreat in the fantastic world of fanfiction...

I still can't believe it
mondoshawan555: Pepa & Silviamondoshawan555 on July 16th, 2009 09:15 am (UTC)
Thanks for doing the recap even though it was hard. This episode made me sadder than I ever expected. I'm going to handle all of this like an adult, mourn today the loss of Silvia, and starting tomorrow pretend that it never happened. Pepa and Silvia will be on their honeymoon then... good times.
kiarcheokiarcheo on July 16th, 2009 09:45 am (UTC)
this is exactly what I was thinking to do!
I'll see you at Santiago, then... :)
(no subject) - mondoshawan555 on July 16th, 2009 11:02 am (UTC) (Expand)
foot_print_1: Sad Poohfoot_print_1 on July 16th, 2009 09:17 am (UTC)
no...... nonononononononononoooooooooooooooooo.. NO! *cries insanely* please! no!

THEY KILLED HER!!! They fucking killed her! Why?!??!?! :(:(:(:( :O:O:O!!

GAHH!HH!H!H! I am in a frenzy right now! I am in a daze, how can this be?!?!?

I’m really really upset right now!

#@$!@#$!@#$!@#$! kdasdsjfasd

I feel like crying/dying/jumping off the nearest cliff...Oh look, there's one. *Takes off at a sprint* HOW COULD THEY? What happened to your heart, LHDP writers? They should all feel ashamed. Fucking ashamed. Is it really that hard to give us a fucking happy ending?

Fuck this. I’m just gonna pretend episode 104 never happened.

*can be seen in the background sacrificing LHDP writers to the devil*
malbeca on July 16th, 2009 10:03 am (UTC)
Although I hate the outcome of the season finale, Marian and Laura pulled of an oustanding performance. Both should be awarded with the highest Spanish TV award for portraying the most believable couple in the history of TV. The chemistry between Marian and Laura was one of a kind.
Justynaorzelska on July 16th, 2009 10:17 am (UTC)
I cried like a baby and I never cry watching tv series.
And I'm speechless too. I cannot believe they gave that kind of death. Slow, painfull and on her wedding day. That's just pointless to me.
ralst: Silvia & Pepa - Love Tapralst on July 16th, 2009 12:59 pm (UTC)
Thank you for the recap. I can't quite bring myself to watch the episode right now, but even from the translation it sounds heart breaking.

Losing Silvia, who was by far my favourite character, is bad enough, but they also killed Montoya? He and Rita were my second favourite 'ship and, together with Silvia and Pepa, they were the only really competent and professional police officers on the show. Killing both of them, and ruining Pepa and Rita's lives in the process, seems like really bad storytelling, at least for a continuing drama.

Poor Kike and Nelson too. With Povedilla possibly paralysed and Rita mourning, it means there are no foot-soldiers left. It's madness.

Is there any chance, considering the show's history, that we could get a giant reset button at the beginning of next season?
allgood2 on July 17th, 2009 12:21 am (UTC)
I can't imagine what they have in store for next year. Killing off four beloved characters is pretty darn bold. It made for some excellent 'sad gorgeous' television, especially with the brilliance of Marian Aguilera. She is such a wonderful, wonderful actress. By far she was my favorite character on the show, Povedilla next, then Montoya. I do love Pepa, but never got the chance to know her outside of Silvia, so she's part of my favorite couple, but maybe only my fifth favorite character.

As, I said, while I have no idea what they'll do for next year, these last few episodes, and especially the last two were brilliant and beautiful. I'll place Silvia's death up there with death of Ms. Calendar (which was brutal in its casual handling), the death of Joyce Summers, and the death of Tara (wow, Joss Whedon does know how to kill off characters). So sad, so very emotional, just a hailstorm of emotions.

Maybe they want to do a reboot, similar to Skins. Of course Skins didn't kill off the main characters. They just let them all go and focused on a totally new set, except for Pandora and Effy. But yeah, I'm kind of wondering who's going to actually get stuff done, without Montoya and Silvia.
walsen925walsen925 on July 16th, 2009 01:09 pm (UTC)
what a craptastic way to end my day. fuck. i'm sorry i'm just... devastated.
Celalovelyafterglow on July 16th, 2009 02:17 pm (UTC)
I'm sorry jt...I usually come to this community as quickly as possible and with much enthusiasm to read the recap and discover all the little detail I might've missed while watching the show.

This time, I don't think I need the details. I don't think I want them. I'm so terribly heartbroken that I had to call in sick to work today. I'm that much of a mess.

Thanks for all your work, though. It must've been terribly difficult to write anything about yesterday's episode down. I still can't believe it ended the way it did. Dammit.
jt4702jt4702 on July 16th, 2009 02:59 pm (UTC)
"It must've been terribly difficult to write anything about yesterday's episode down"

It was without a doubt one of the most difficult things I had to do. I refused to know ahead of time, so I was crying as I was typing the scenes with the girls.

Watching last night's ep though, I dislike the Superbrats even more now.