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04 February 2014 @ 05:21 pm
Here starts the story, hope you enjoy.
Pairing: Silvia and Pepa

Foot steps down the hallway.
Pepa slightly opens her eyes half expecting another morning of Mar jumping on the bed, "It's still dark" "why in hell is Mar awake, surely it to early"
Footsteps downstairs
"footsteps downstairs" Pepa is out of bed like lighting never has she been so worried who was in her house, "Silvia wake up" Pepa is already fumbling around in the safe that she kept in the back of the closet feeling the cold metal against her hand and retrieving her gun.
"SILVIA WAKE UP! SOMEONE IS IN THE HOUSE" quickly checking her magazine make sure it was fully loaded with a bullet already in the chamber and cocking the gun.
"MAR" completely horrifying her to the bone that someone could be doing this.
" I'm going to get her now and I'll bring her back her till back up arrives, call the station tell them to get here." " Silvia listen to me get your gun, the safe is open vale?"
As Silvia is searching for her gun Pepa is nearly out the door "please, please be safe and bring Mar back"
with a matter a fact voice "I promise I'll bring her back" and Pepa is gone.
Pepa slowly walks along the hallway making sure to check the guest room and Mar's bathroom to make sure no one including Mar are in there, thinking like a police officer she peers around each corner, making as little noise as possible with her gun anticipating any movement, as a mother she is desperate to get to Mar's room "Quick and safe, please let me get to her" A fearful plea to anyone that could help her.
More footsteps downstairs just as Pepa enter Mar's room, Pepa didn't need to turn a light on she knew Her beautiful baby girl wasn't there "cariño if your hiding come out it's mummy"
A loud high pitched squeal echoes throughout the house "MAMA!"
Pepa's body becomes ridged, froze full of fear, somebody has her daughter and she cannot move. "Move Pepa, god damn it MOVE" Everything telling her to move but her feet are frozen to the ground. Pepa hears the bedroom door open and sees Silvia running, running down the stairs. That does it and Pepa follows overtaking Silvia on the staircase Pepa practically jumping as many stairs as she could to get to the bottom. When they both made it all they could see was the swinging front door with no hesitation Silvia was out first the cool breeze hitting her face was like ice making her skin numb but she couldn't thing about that now.
There they were one pitting Mar into the car the other with the engine already running, and starting to move. Silvia raised her weapon aiming for the wheel of the car, BANG BANG BANG three shots but the vehicle is already gone. Pepa and Silvia run to the middle of the road but they know they aren't going to get what they want, they can hear sirens silently in the distance. Silvia embraces Pepa with uncertain tears running down their face. "This can't be happening, no please no" Silvia falls to the ground, Pepa grabs her just before she hurts herself " I promise, i swear I will get her back and make these people pay, whoever they are"
13 December 2013 @ 08:20 pm
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09 December 2013 @ 07:01 pm
5 years on-part 1
December 04, 2013, 18:25

Rating:PG for now
Pairing:Pepa and Silvia
Please be gentle with me this is my first post on writing a story but this one is short and sweet just getting the feel for the stories to come.

The morning light gently pushed through the blinds where Pepa was wrapped around Silvia's body. Pepa knew what was about to happen, she quickly stretched out and gave a quick kiss to Silvia preparing herself to inevitable that she could sense. Just as she thought she could hear the foot steps coming closer up the hallway, the door creaked open and with that Mar jumped straight onto the bed waking Silvia

"Buenos días momias".

"Buenos días cariño" Pepa replied

"I thought I was your cariño?" Silvia questions

"You both are, my two favourite cariño" Pepa says kissing Silvia again

"Mamá mamá mamá" Mar trying to get attention by jumping on the bed

"Sí sí what is it little one" Silvia reacts trying to wake up

"Have you two forgotten what today is, it's my birthday. Get up get up" she couldn't maintain her excitement.

"How old are you again" Pepa pretending she couldn't remember

Mar stuck her hand out showing Pepa and Silvia with a shout "I'm three now"

"So you are" Silvia said "How about we cook some pancakes for the birthday girl, plus your mamá will be hungry soon with little Iker growing in her tummy" she shoots a look to Pepa with a huge smile across her face.

Pepa slowly rose out of bed realising she could smell the pancakes from downstairs "Damn Silvia was right I'm always getting hungry these days" making her way to the kitchen the first things she sees is her wife dancing to whatever was on the radio, her red hair bouncing around just past her shoulders. Pepa has to catch her breath as her heart beats a little quicker while watching her pelirrojo move around the kitchen, she still can't believe that after fours years of marriage Silvia can still get her heart to skip a beat. Walking over Pepa slides her long arms around Silvia's waist whispering in her ear "soon enough I won't be able to do this if your son keeps growing at this rate"

"it's ok I can do the things you can't when you get bigger" giving a wink to pepa as she says it.

Pepa taking a moment to gently stroke Silvia's red hair starts to kiss her neck from behind traveling up to her jaw line, Silvia raises her head to let her have the access she needs "if we start something we won't have enough time to get to work, plus Sara is coming over to babysit" knowing that Silvia is right Pepa stops "Vale but I'm absolutely Starting something tonight"
"I look forward to it"

The house is quiet for a full minute as they sit down to eat breakfast, right on cue "Mamá where are my presents?" Silvia just stares at pepa "I swear she is taking after you more and more"
"Please mamá" asking again trying to get her answer
Silvia walks to another room coming back she has a small wrapped box.
Mar carefully opens it taking her time on every fold or piece of tape holding it together
"And you think she takes after me" Pepa giggles back to Silvia. When Mar is finished she looks quizzing her parents

"Well what is it" pepa asks

"A bike helmet, but I don't have a bike" she says with a tear forming in her eye

"Oh no maybe I forgot to get the bike Pepa or maybe I put it in the garage" with a little giggle in her voice

Mar looks at her mums as they confirm what the three year old is trying to put together and with that Mar is racing to the front door trying to put her shoes on and waiting to have a look at her new bike. Silvia and Pepa are right behind her watching the excitement pour out of the baby girl who is admiring her new wheels.

"Do you remember when you taught me how to ride a bike in our street" Silvia says looking up to her lover

"if I remember correctly you already knew how to ride you just wanted a reason to talk to me" Pepa adds
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09 December 2013 @ 06:57 pm
Pairing : Pepa and Silvia
Rating: pg

This is another short and sweet part of "five years on" just working up to the story line

At the precinct Pepa cannot help but be bored, she has done nothing but paperwork for a full month since telling Don Lorenzo that her and Silvia were expecting again "Sure I'm pregnant again but I can still do my job, it's not like I'm about to burst or anything" and with that thought she had had enough, walking straight into Silvia's lab to vent her frustration nearly breaking the hinges off the door as she entered.

"Your papa is up to his old tricks again" Pepa says with a raised voice

"Oh hi Silvia, how are you, how was your day?" Silvia can't help but react

"Lo siento Lo siento, you know I want to to know about your day, it's just your papa won't let me work and it's driving me crazy"

Silvia took Pepa in both hands and entangled her fingers through while looking into those big brown eyes, She knew her wife can't sit still for long it's not in her DNA to do so especially doing nothing but paperwork. Trying to reassure her wife and bring her back from her little temper tantrum she places a soft kiss on her partners lips, feeling Pepa against her own she could feel the heat drawing up from the centre of herself. Pepa's kisses are forceful trying to get more of Silvia and vis versa. Silvia knows exactly what Pepa is feeling due to her own body feeling the same way, tongues pushing against each other, the griping of each other around the nape of the neck, the electricity coming from both of them from one kiss. Silvia knows she has to stop even just to take a breath, to take a moment before it becomes more physical, releasing Pepa from her grip she lets out a soft whimper as if her own body is doing the wrong thing by letting go.

"How do you do that?" Pepa says feeling like herself again, like her wife could do anything to make her melt

"Magic powers" silvia knew exactly what pepa was talking about because she was feeling it to. "You know my papa is only looking after his familia"

"I know" Pepa agrees "but I want to help and not by doing paperwork"

"Why don't you help me? there is plenty to do, plus we have a debrief in twenty minutes"

"What if your papa..."

"Let me deal with my papa" Silvia still trying to reassure Pepa's mind.


In the meeting room Curtis is laughing to Aitor about one of his new women, Mariano and Paco are in deep conversation. Everyone seems to be smiling or in a good mood, that is except for Don Lorenzo as he walks in you could feel the happiness leave the room, which everyone starts to be quiet nobody wants to feel the vicious and cruel words that came out of Don Lorenzo's mouth.

"Okay everyone has a case file in front of them, the man to your left is Adán Gomez he is a well know drug trafficker and the man to the right of your case file Enric Ruiz a well known assassin, we need to get our hands on Gomez before Ruiz does. We need to do this fast and we need to do this by the book, we have the chief commissioner breathing down our backs on this one, he has a personal interest so let's not fuck it up.
Silvia you have tests and bloods coming to you, I need you to find out everything you can, Paco you will take lead on this. That's it go do your jobs and don't get in the way of anything"

Everyone starts to shuffle out of the room, Don Lorenzo stops Paco and Silvia

"If anything and I MEAN ANY THING! happens I need to know, the chief commissioner is not happy and wants this to be resolved as soon as possible"

"Why is this so important to the chief commissioner" Paco asked

"I don't bloody know Paco, I only know what I'm told" Don Lorenzo snaps back

Paco and Silvia nod and leave the meeting room, on cue Pepa shows up at Silvia's side as they walk back to the lab, stopped by Curtis asking ridiculous questions about women and what he can do better. Both of them just looking for a way out and by sheer luck it comes in the from of Don Lorenzo yelling at his phone, you could hear him through his office windows. Just like that they knew it was bad, ready for what ever was about to come with Don Lorenzo half way back down the stairs from his office.

"That's it" he says at the top of his lungs " both Gomez and Ruiz are both dead, they were found in an alley way" you could see the steam coming out of him like he was on fire "the commissioner will be here soon and the bodies will be here as well" looking at Silvia " I expect everything to be checked and checked again. I wasn't planing on getting my ass chewed up and spat out today so work quickly" with that on Lorenzo went back to his office slamming the door behind him.

"How do both a suspect and a hit man end up dead" Pepa says out loud

"Not only that but both dead in the same place"

Silvia and Pepa thinking the same thing.
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26 November 2013 @ 06:08 pm
Ok so I was reading other fan fic on pepa and silvia and was thinking of writing my own. This will be the first fanfic I have written and was curious if people still want to read about them. To cut a long story shot are there still as many fans out there that love Pepa and silvia and would want to read my stories?
01 November 2013 @ 07:18 am

I am fairly new to this fandom but I absolutely adore Silvia and Pepa, their relationship... Their love! Márian and Laura were phenomenal in their portrayal of Silvia and Pepa and I wish that we had gotten a lot more time with them on screen! Especially in marital bliss! I can just see the love scenes and the romantic and intimate kisses and touches and caresses and the looks... THE LOOKS! Talent in it's truest form shown by being able to convey so much with a touch or a look... I just love them so much!

Questions behind the cut!

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This is my tribute to Pepa & Silvia (and the actresses who played them).  If you like it, please comment *on YouTube* and share the link with others who may enjoy it!  Info on the TV show upon which the vid is based and production notes are available by clicking on "More Info".  Thanks!!  I also have a Crisabel (a couple from another Spanish TV show currently airing) music vid I created on my YT channel.  If you haven't seen my first 2 music vids, you can visit my YT channel to watch them.

Here's the PepSi vid.  I guarantee this will leave you feeling happy!
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06 May 2012 @ 04:10 pm
Hi! I'm new!

I loved reading all your fic - I hope you all write more, because I love PepSi and their love story.

I ignore that certain scene of which I shall not name.

I had a couple of questions, and one relating to a fanfic I am going to write. But first.

- It has kinda bugged me, but where was Lola at the wedding? She loved Silvia, and she did give Silvia some advice about Pepa, so I was disappointed not to see her at the wedding.

- Do Laura and Marian still get to see each other? I remember reading they were very close friends, but I just wondered if they kept in touch after the show went off the rails.

- This is probably a stupid question, but do they both speak English? I am google translating most of Laura's twitter (Marian doesn't have a twitter, correct?) and I see she follows a couple of English speaking twitters, but I wondered if someone spoke to her on twitter in English, would she reply?

And the question for my fanfic:

- What would Silvia think of Pepa being blackmailed into performing hits?
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21 March 2012 @ 01:59 pm
Title: The Underage Student/Teacher Bar Fuck Complication Affair (Pepsi Style!!!)   (Mmm_kekse and Mounstro came up with that title. :) ) or
Scronking Pepa (Lovelyafterglow suggestion :))
Rating: NC-17
Show: LHDP
Pairing: PepSi
Disclaimers: Do I really need one? Everyone knows they're not mine and all that other blah blah blah.

Warnings: Ummm... I guess angst, uh, some violence and a shit ton o' swearin' and... what else? Oh, right, Sex! There's probably more sex than anything else, so if it's not your cuppa... you really wouldn't bother with this or any of my other stuff, really.

Spoilers:  So totally none

Summary: Pepa and Silvia meet at a bar and without really knowing anything about the other, have 'relations'. At that moment they silently agree that it's a one off. But they meet again. The next time they meet is at the local high school, Silvia the teacher and Pepa the student. So much for their plans of never seeing each other again.

AN: So, it's been a while, huh? Uh, so you might have to reread the previous parts, especially the second part I think, because the ending of this one sort of flows with the beginning of that one. Yup, anyway, hope ya'll are doing awesome, anyone want a balloon? :)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3a
Part 3b
Part 4

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